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Why You Need a Realtor

With the high pace of todays real estate market it is more essential than ever to have a real estate professional on your side. They have the skills, experience, and expertise it takes to navigate the highly detailed and involved process of buying and selling a home. Individuals who have tried to sell their own homes, FSBO, has drop to a around 7%. That is because of the all the questions and legality when dealing in a real estate transaction.

5 Reasons why selling with a real estate professional make sense

  1. They know what buyers want to see

    1. Before you decide on which projects and/or repairs you want to take on connect with a real estate professional. They have first hand experience in what buyers wants and needs are. Not doing this can lead to work that may not need completed that may not help sell your home at all.

  2. They help maximize your buying pool

    1. Real estate professionals have tools that the average home seller does not have, i.e. social media presence, agency resources, and the MLS (multiple listing service). Without these tools a FSBO has limited exposure to protentional buyers.

  3. They understand the fine print

    1. More disclosures and regulations are mandatory when selling a home today. Understanding these legal documents and what they mean and what can happen are very important! They can help with reviewing the documents and avoid any mistakes that can happen.

  4. They're trained negotiators

    1. It is hard for a single person to coordinated and understand the dynamic of people involved. You'll have the buyer, buyers agent, inspector, and appraiser. Knowing what each person is to do and how to address each of their concerns can be overwhelming.

  5. They know how to price your home

    1. You may have a general idea of what to ask but how do you justify it? Pricing just right maximizes your return without having to wait an extended period of time and then do a price reduction. They know how to price competitively in your housing market to get you the best possible deal.


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