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         Take Charge

If you approach the home buying process intelligently and with confidence, you are much more likely to buy a house you'll be proud to call home.


Approaching the task of buying a home can be overwhelming; there's so much to consider:


These questions are just the beginning. Buying a home is one of the largest financial transactions of your lifetime -- do your research so you know what you're doing.


Here are the two most important things to remember, no matter where you are on the road to home ownership:


1. You can and should understand everything that is happening in the home buying process.


There is nothing that is so complex that it can't be easily explained. Just because you don't apply for a thirty year mortgage once a week doesn't mean you have to take the first one that comes along. You'll need to learn some new terms, apply some new concepts and take the time to understand what you're getting into. 


If at any point something happens that doesn't make sense to you, please ask one our agents for a full and complete explanation. If it still doesn't make sense, seek help from someone you trust like your CPA, your banker, or maybe an online real estate columnist. 


2. In the world of real estate sales, YOU are the most important person in the entire process. 


It's easy to think that everyone else carries more weight than you. The agent talks quickly and has an answer for everything. The lender may decline your loan application, and on and on. 


But the truth is that you, the buyer, are the one person in the transaction that makes it all happen. If you decided to not buy, the entire process comes to a halt. 


So exert your power as a consumer and take command of this process. Surround yourself with a team of professionals that you have confidence in and make them work for you. 


Approach home buying with intelligence and confidence, and by doing your homework, you are more likely to buy a house you're happy with and feel like you've made the right decision.

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