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About Our Team

Serving: Adams, Blackford, Delaware, Grant, Henry, Jay, Madison, Randolph, Union, Wayne, and Wells Counties since 2011

Starr Real Estate is a small, personable real estate office located in east central Indiana in the city of Muncie. Starr has several agents that have 20 years of real estate experience or more and several other experienced agents. Our office covers several counties in particular across the east side of Indiana, Adams, Blackford, Delaware, Grant, Henry, Jay, Madison, Randolph, Union, Wayne, and Wells. Our agents help assist with buying and selling a variety of properties from vacant lots to multi-unit buildings.

Our agents can help assist you from day 1 of your home buying or selling experience. Their job, as your agent, is to make the home buying or selling process as simple and pain free as possible for you! Our agents also help assist you with getting the best marketability and maximum value for your property. This comes in the form of suggestions, "tips & tricks", and comments from the market for helping you and a buyer see the protentional your property has to offer! The real estate market is always changing and you need a trusted, educated agent to help assist with any questions or issues you may have arise with your home buying or selling experience. 

Paul Starr started Starr Real Estate in 2011. He sold Starr Real Estate to Heather Clemmons and Rylee Sikora in 2024. Paul has over 25 years experience in real estate and is set to be a valuable asset of knowledge to Starr. Paul also manages several of his own rental properties.

Heather Clemmons now owns and manages Starr Real Estate and Clemmons Properties. Heather has lots of experience with investment buyers and sellers to help stimulate their investments. Heather helps all of her clients buy, sell, or rent a property to what best suits them and their current needs.

Rylee Sikora is also the owner of Starr Real Estate. Rylee helps assist Heather with her clients to manage and assist with any problems that may occur with any transaction. 

Bryce Conyers has over 20 years experience in real estate and specifically in foreclosure properties. Bryce is a valuable asset with his real estate knowledge in foreclosures. Bryce is also the regional representative for Fannie Mae of our selected area. Bryce assist other home buyers and sellers also. His foreclosure business is a perfect mix for our investment buyers!

Robert Ping is also another one of our experienced agents. He helps assist his investors across several counties in maintaining and listing their investment properties. Robert also helps buyers and sellers get the best possible deal for their property!

Blake Hawkins helps assist all agents with their listings and getting them on the market. Blake also helps assist buyers and sellers to help provide the best services possible!


No matter what your Real Estate needs are- We've got Agents who can help!
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