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10 Things We Would Love To Share For 2024

Here are 10 things that you should know when buying and selling a home!


  1. Prepare for your home to sell! Selling a home is more complex than you may think. There are several legal documents that have to be signed and submitted. You as the owner should want to sell your property and such need to make it available as possible to perspective buyers.

  2. Find a REALTOR. Find a realtor you trust and that knows your market well. They will have the skills to help navigate you through any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

  3. Setting a respectable list price. You may just want to price high and work your way down. Well that can lead to some problems. Buyers may question why your property has been sitting and why so many price reductions. Not only does that seem odd to buyer but you are also having to hold onto the property!

  4. Marketability. You as the seller also should make sure the property is as clean and respectable as it can be for protentional buyers. If you walked into a unorganized, dirty home would you think that those people take care of their things?

  5. Planning your move! You need to have a plan for a new place to move to or stay. Having your trusted realtor can help with both situations!


  1. Becoming a homeowner. Becoming a homeowner can be a lot of work depending on what kind of property you buy. You also need to be prepared for unexpected expenses for repairs or routine maintenance.

  2. Getting pre-approved! You need to get pre-qualified to know what you can and can not afford. This puts into perspective what properties are available to you and your trusted realtor.

  3. Finding the right home for you. Now knowing what you can afford, what features or configurations are you looking for? Given what you may have to work with some features may have to be sacrificed in order to be within budget!

  4. Making offers. The market can still be chaotic depending on where you live. Don't give up hope if you lose out on a few properties!

  5. Closing. There are also expenses associated with closing the transaction and getting homeowners insurance. You need to be prepared for those and know what to expect.

Here a only just a few helpful tips to help you understand and what to expect when buying or selling your next home!


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