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Reasons Your Home May Not Be Selling

When a person(s) is selling their home they usually are looking for these 3 things: to sell the property for the most money possible, within a certain time frame they want the property to sell, and to sell the property with the least amount of hassle as possible. While the current market is still a sellers market there are still certain things that might be hindering you from selling your property.

Being Restrictive on Showings

Can't sell it if people can't see it. Limiting the days and times a buyer can see the property is an inconvenience to your protentional buyers. You want you're property to be as marketable as possible! Minimum access = minimum exospore.

Priced to High

Price is critical factor in making your property marketable! While it might be tempting to over-price, that can actually hurt the marketability as it can deter potential buyers and make the property sit on the market. Listen to the advice of your realtor and the feedback given through showings. If constant, it may be time to revaluate. Price to sell not to sit!


You never get a second chance to make a first impression! The outside of the property is just as important as the inside. A good majority of people drive by a listing observing the exterior first before they request a showing. Therefore it is important to make the curb appeal of your property near the top of the list! Once inside your property, it should be as clutter free as possible i.e. personal belong or debris being removed. You want the potential buyer to see themselves in the home not you.

If your home is not selling or attracting the attention you believe it should be it may be time to talk to your trusted realtor. A change approach or advice for marketability may be necessary if you wish to sell your property.


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