Plan Your Spring Sales- March 13, 2021

Plan Your Spring Sales with an agent from Starr Real Estate!

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The first day of spring is one week away, and one week is plenty of time to prep your materials for picking the perfect house to call your new home.

The reasons why we get this surge of energy to start fixing things and start spending time on projects we probably won’t finish around this time of year should be obvious. The extra hours of sunshine feels like we’ve injected serotonin into our veins; we feel motivated, we hear birds chirping outside of our windows and we want to be productive. We step outside and the world has color and light. Life feels less stuffy and stale, and we tend to crave something refreshing, something new.

After the anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic last spring, the uncertainty of what was to come in the following months stole the spotlight and enjoyment of what Spring was always meant to be. This year, the weather broke early and even on the rainiest days, it seems like the worst storms have passed.

Now, here at Starr Real Estate, we want to prepare our readers and clients on what to expect in the real estate market for 2021.