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Key Advantages Investing in a Home

Financial Stability

Purchasing or investing in real estate is a excellent way to curb inflation and unexpected rent increases. Having a set in stone monthly mortgage payment not only lets you know that payment is secure for 30 years but also helps you budget and save or invest for the future!

Net Worth

Instead of paying rent every month to a company or landlord you're essentially paying yourself. Yes you are paying back a loan but a certain amount of that money is yours. That mean a build up of equity that you gain when selling or the ability to pull a credit line on.

Extra Income

Once established you can buy more and more real estate. Those properties could be land, commercial, or residential. Land could be cashed rented for farming, land leased for hunting, or just to hold onto for a future home site. Commercial properties are pretty straight forward you own a building that a company rents or your own business rents to use. Example are warehouses, storages facilities, and strip malls. Residential also has many options such as buying to flip, buying to rent, or buying to hold.

With this basic knowledge you to can start your journey into real estate!


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