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Home Maintenance Checklist: June

Although summer does not technically start until later this month, the last few weeks have been sprinkled with summer-like days. There have been few cooler days and it looks like there are some more coming, so take advantage of one of these mild days to get some home maintenance done.

Clear Dead Plants - Clear dead plants & shrubs away from the sides of your home and in the yard. These are fire hazards as the temps climb this summer.

Trim Trees- Trim trees and shrubs around your home that could cause roof damage during high winds or rainstorms or that are near electrical lines.

Touch Up Paint- Paint and siding is like your home's skin. It protects its foundation and structure from sun, water, and wind. If you notice there are places where the siding is coming off or your paint is peeling, touch up those places.

Replace Damaged Windows- Each year you should be checking your windows and screens for damage. If there are large holes in your screens patch them or replace them in order to keep bugs out of your home. Replace cracked glass before winter.

Clean Window Wells- Make sure your window wells are free of debris that could potentially be a fire hazard. Dead plants and garbage tend to make their way down into the wells. Make sure to clean them out each year.

Replace Shower Diverter Valve- Make sure your showers are working properly and replace the diverter valve if they aren't.



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