Styling Small Spaces

How to Bring Big Style to Small Spaces

As new residents move into apartments or dorm rooms, they trim their packing lists and often sacrifice style due to size restraints of their small spaces. Although it may seem difficult to bring big style into tight quarters, there are several small things you can do to bring your personality to life on move-in day.

“Tiny rooms can sometimes feel drab and uninspiring, but just because they’re temporary doesn’t mean they have to look like it,” says Tyler Wisler, interior design expert from Tyler Wisler Home and HGTV’s “Design Star.” “With the right tools and creative design elements, you can transform your home away from home into a space worth staying.”

Wisler recommends these simple tips to turn that bland box into something spectacular:

1. Color your world.

Incorporate colorful throw pillows and blankets to infuse additional hues into small white spaces. You can even change them out each season to keep things fresh.

2. Accessorize your walls.

Hang jewelry or other belongings on a clear rack, like Command Clear Rack, to keep them from tangling, while dressing up plain walls. The shape of the rack also helps add a subtle chevron pattern, and removes cleanly from surfaces with no holes or sticky residue left behind.

3. Warm it up.

Add an area rug to ground furniture, bring texture and warmth underfoot, and get rid of the “institutional” feel. Consider throwing a faux sheepskin over your desk chair for a chic and comfortable accent.