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Painting the Exterior of Your Home

Do you want to paint the exterior of your home to get the most curb appeal, but you can't figure out which color to paint it? Here are some suggestions for you!

Ivory+ White+ Aqua

Symmetrical homes evoke a sense of formality, elegance and heritage. Honor tradition with a lighter-colored palette rimmed by darker accents. This home softens into its surroundings, while a bright blue door spotlights the elegant architecture of the entryway.

Paint colors: Churchill Hotel Ivory, Betsy's Linen and Lake Breeze by Valspar

Prairie Brown + Grey + Yellow Gold

Modern dwellings maintain a warm, yet minimalist vibe with a neutral palette of brown, gray and gold. The lightest brown covers the majority of this home, allowing darker accent colors to highlight the home's architectural details.

Paint colors: Bay Sands, Chocolate Cherry and Winter Delta by Valspar

White Putty + Taupe + Olive Green

Classic American homes with covered front porches, stonework, stucco and steep roofs benefit from natural color palettes. This simple yet sophisticated combination of soft taupe with an accent of olive is the perfect backdrop for a colorful landscape.

Paint colors: Woodrow Wilson Putty, City Arboretum and Chef White by Valspar

Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White

This transitional home takes a cue from its woodland setting with a cool color palette. Syncing up with nature's tones is a sure way to evoke sensations of a calm and serene abode.

Paint colors: Environmental, Marsh Marigold and Ultra Pure White by Behr

White + Dark Chocolate

High-contrast landscapes call for high-contrast color palettes. This desert ranch stays cool with a white exterior and an accent of chocolate brown trim. The beauty of this color combo? Any accent color can be chosen for outdoor furniture and decorations.

Paint colors: Cottage White and Divine Wine by Behr

Cheerful Yellow + Cinnamon + Pure White

A modern beach house warms in the sun with a custard yellow glow, grounded by a cinnamon stick front door. Pure white accents on the windows contribute to the crisp and clean vibe.

Paint colors: Roasted Corn, Artisan and Ultra Pure White by Behr

Green + Celestial Blue + Cotton White

Make a nod to your home's environment with a color palette that matches its surroundings but still packs curb appeal. This traditional home's soft pine green base pops with an accent of sky blue and an understated creamy white door.

Paint colors: Nature's Gift, Restless Sea and Twinkling Lights by Behr

Sandy Taupe + Brown

Who said beige has to be boring? This exterior color palette provides a neutral backdrop to the home's lush green landscaping.

Paint colors: Grassy Savannah, Ancient Root and Polar Bear by Behr

Classic Black + White

A traditional home sticks to timeless neutrals with a black and white palette. This is one color scheme that will definitely not go out of style.

Paint colors: Falling Snow and Carbon by Behr

Pastel Green + White

A contemporary ranch home sits pretty in a bed of green. Simple white trim draws attention to architectural details, including the home's distinctive sun-baked brown roof.

Paint colors: Riverdale and Ultra Pure White by Behr

Slate Grey + White + Deep Turquoise

Capture sophistication and elegance with a muted blue-gray color palette accented by white trim. The traditional front door is painted a deep navy-turquoise to complement the slate gray wood shingle siding.

Paint colors: Intergalactic, Polar Bear and Deep Breath by Behr

Mustard Yellow + Brown + Honeysuckle White

This home gives a subtle nod to Tudor style with its brown accents but is thoroughly contemporary with a bright coat of mustard yellow. For such a statement, opt for a neutrally stained wood door.

Paint colors: Classic Gold, Nugget Gold and Smooth Silk by Behr

Clay + Bitter Chocolate Brown

Gain inspiration for your color palette from your home's materials. This Southwest-style home uses tones of natural clay and dark brown, as seen in the natural stone and woodwork.

Paint colors: Bonsai Pot and Sweet Molasses by Behr

Peach + Reddish Brown + Cream

Many Victorian homes showcase an explosion of colors in their exterior paint schemes. Not your style? Keep it soothing and simple: warm peach siding laced with red-tinted brown and cream trim.

Paint colors: Pale Coral, Royal Liqeur and Sleek White by Behr

Gray + White + Moss Green

A Craftsman bungalow home beckons visitors inside with a warm, neutral palette in gray and white. The porch pops with a painted carpet of green.

Paint colors: Collonade Gray, Panda White, Roycroft Brass and Roycroft Copper Red by Sherwin-Williams

Crab Apple + Blue Grey + Beige

Make a bold statement with warm and earthy red, a color that looks exceptional on traditional homes. Pair with a cool blue door and beige shutters for a classy all-American vibe.

Paint colors: Crabby Apple, Homburg Gray and Prairie Grass by Sherwin-Williams

Beige + Cream + Deep Blue

Spanish-style homes make a statement with accent colors. In this case, a warm navy blue picks up watery tones of the home's lap pool.

Paint colors: Dhurrie Beige, Kestrel White and Rainstorm by Sherwin-Williams

Sky Blue + Cream + Green-Tinted Beige

Show off the texture of exterior siding with a bold color choice such as sky blue trimmed with cream and beige. On cloudy days, your house will be the brightest on the block.

Paint colors: Labradorite, Nacre and Artifact by Sherwin-Williams

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