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Patio Hacks for the Summer

When you’re not soaking up the sun on the beach or enjoying a game at the ball park, your backyard is likely playing host to summertime activities. To crank up the good times at home and enhance curb appeal, add these unconventional upgrades to your patio for endless fun all summer long.

1. Chandelier and Sconces

Today’s outdoor lighting designs have evolved beyond tiki torches and paper lanterns. String up tiny twinklers, repurpose a chandelier, or install sconces to add some sparkle to your summer.

2. Suspended Sofa

Outdoor spaces have become an extension of the interior of the home, and your patio should be no exception. Suspend a sofa for lounging, create a coffee nook for weekend mornings, or a cozy bench to tackle your summer reading list.

3. Pizza Oven

It’s no secret outdoor kitchens are in high demand. Add your very own by installing a pizza oven in your backyard. For the non-handy homeowner, pre-manufactured pizza ovens are available, but do-it-yourselfers can construct one in a weekend.

4. Foldable Bar

A bar is a must if you regularly host guests. If your patio doesn’t permit a full bar set, you can use a DIY foldable bar. The best part? It can be stored at a moment’s notice – not that you’d want to.

5. Movie Screen

An outdoor movie at home is a fun way to spend warm summer nights without breaking the bank. String clothesline between deck posts or trees and use a white sheet and a projector to create your very own theater.

6. Dance Floor

If your patio is spacious, boost the entertainment factor with a portable dance floor. If your patio is natural wood, reserve a corner for when Saturday Night Fever rolls around.

7. Container Garden

Your patio is the perfect place for a container garden. Inject life onto a stone slab by growing your own vegetables or summer blooms.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.

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