Landscaping Trends that Sell

No matter what anyone tells you, curb appeal and high-quality landscaping matters when it comes putting your home on the market to sell. The house’s exterior is the first thing a home shopper sees, so make it count.

According to the most recent Landscape Architecture Trend Survey (ASLA), the buzzwords surrounding this year’s landscaping trends are “sustainability” and “low-maintenance”. It was reported that respondents expected the greatest demand for landscaping projects that are geared toward preserving the environment, conserving water, and reducing lawn maintenance.

Based on the information that has been collected from numerous groups of consumers, here are the top 10 landscaping trends that are currently in the highest demand among homebuyers:

1. Native Plants

Using plants in your garden that are native to your local area is a great way to add some character to your home. Home shoppers want them, too!


2. Native or Adapted Drought-Tolerant Plants

You’ll have less maintenance to worry about with drought-tolerant plants, especially as we enter the heat of summertime.

draught tolerant.jpg

3. Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

Creating an attractive display of your fruit or vegetable garden is sure to attract homebuyers and dramatically increases your home’s curb appeal.