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Your Spring Home Maintenance ✔ List

Springtime, ahhh. 🌼The fresh breezes, the pop of color in the neighborhoods- it is one of my favorite times of year. And in many markets, spring is the most popular time to buy or sell. Freshly mowed lawns, flowers/plants, and pops of color add a lot of curb appeal that may not be there during the other seasons. A property that is in excellent condition is sure to catch the eye of a buyer. But, even if your home isn’t currently on the market, it’s always a good idea to make a habit of regular upkeep.

🌼 Ready to tackle your home maintenance tasks? Here’s your spring to-do list 🌼

Do you want to take advantage of the Spring Market? 💐🌸

Contact a Starr Realtor today to find out how much your home may be worth!


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