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World Party Day- Housewarming Party Edition

Since today is #worldpartyday, we figured what better way to spend the day before Easter other than hosting the perfect, personalized house party.

Before we go into “partying”, we should clarify that “partying” is more referring to having large social gatherings. Since Covid limited how much we could socialize with one another, everyone’s version of a “party” is going to be vastly different. However, for our new or future homeowners or even renters, having a House-Warming Party is a really nice way to show the people that mean the most to you your new home and all of the exhausting hard work that was put into the home by all parties involved! It's also an opportunity to thank the people and your support system that helped you out during the process (even if it was just by giving you housewarming gifts (especially that blender you forgot to buy before you moved in).

Having parties is a really great way to socialize with people in general. Not just getting your friends and family together, but getting to know your neighbors and community members sometimes, too. It’s also a strong incentive to unpack the house, clean, hang art up on the walls, and gets you one step closer to being able to relax in your new home!

Hosting a party in your new home allows you to discover the advantages and flaws of your new space. Need more patio chairs or to move some furniture around to create a better flowing layout? How many people can comfortably fit in at the dining room table?

House-warming parties are not the same as they used to be (or at least how they’ve always been portrayed in movies and on T.V.) and Starr Real Estate is here to give you honest advice on how to throw an affordable and enjoyable house warming party!

How to throw the perfect house-warming party-

Set a date (that works for as many people as possible) for the party and invite people you can depend on or trust to come celebrate your new home with you.

Next, determine how much space you have and try to invite enough people to make it a party but not so many that you can’t talk with each guest and entertain them sufficiently. Stretching yourself too thin makes the party unenjoyable for both the hosts and the guests.

Invite people online and two weeks in advance. Snail mail is no more. Inviting people via Facebook or social media, even through iPhones today, is a quick and easy way for guests to immediately bookmark that date in their calendars and take off work to come. They can set reminders for the event and add what they want or need to bring to the grocery list or notes they have all on the same device.

Don’t decorate. That’s right, we are recommending this type of party that you don’t decorate and let your interior décor, furniture, and clean home speak for itself! If you are keen on decorating the space, the dollar stores have affordable decorations that are the perfect one-time event props to make any party pop!

Use washable plates and utensils. It’s always tempting with a party to go the easy route and purchase paper plates and plastic utensils, but ultimately that just ends up being a waste of money. Use your own plates, utensils, glasses, etc. instead, which will cost you in time when you eventually have to do the dishes but won’t put a hole in your wallet. If you’re planning to have more people than kitchen items, go out and buy plastic plates and cups instead of paper, since they can be washed and reused.

The next bit of advice we have is to determine a budget, and go from there. Do you want to have a potluck? Everyone brings their own alcohol/drinks? Are guests pitching in for desserts and sides? Do you want to cater your event? Have food delivered/ door dashed? Or is it a good ole fashioned backyard bbq with burgers and hotdogs on the grill? Your budget is going to determine what kind of food and drinks you are able to serve, which in turn reflects the amount of guests you can invite!

Play games. If you want to offer a little bit more in terms of entertainment, create your own free housewarming party games, like a scavenger hunt of items in the house, trivia about your town or city, or a scramble with words related to your new place. You can find game pintables online or just make your own.

The key to any housewarming, no matter the budget, is to deny the standards and expectations of what social media says the party should look like and just have a great time. When everyone involved is comfortable and having a good time, then that makes the party successful.

Another nice idea is to give out cheesy party favors to make your friends and family laugh and smile when they come to visit!

Places to shop for housewarming gifts on a budget in/near Muncie:

Marshall’s/ TJ Maxx


Olive & Slate

Inland Interiors & Design

The Orchard

Hobby Lobby

Richard’s Kitchen and Bath


Horton’s Home and Garden

At Home

Home Goods

Gift Ideas if you are a guest to someone else’s Housewarming:

Christmas Ornaments

Soap (bars of soap, dish soap, hand washing soap, body wash, etc.)




Wall Arts

Table/Bookshelf Décor

Throw Blanket

Throw Pillow

Plants/ Plant


Air Fresheners

Favorite Homemade Recipes





Cutting Board

Tool Box

Gift Cards

Bottle of Wine

Anything customizable


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