World Party Day- Housewarming Party Edition

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Since today is #worldpartyday, we figured what better way to spend the day before Easter other than hosting the perfect, personalized house party.

Before we go into “partying”, we should clarify that “partying” is more referring to having large social gatherings. Since Covid limited how much we could socialize with one another, everyone’s version of a “party” is going to be vastly different. However, for our new or future homeowners or even renters, having a House-Warming Party is a really nice way to show the people that mean the most to you your new home and all of the exhausting hard work that was put into the home by all parties involved! It's also an opportunity to thank the people and your support system that helped you out during the process (even if it was just by giving you housewarming gifts (especially that blender you forgot to buy before you moved in).

Having parties is a really great way to socialize with people in general. Not just getting your friends and family together, but getting to know your neighbors and community members sometimes, too. It’s also a strong incentive to unpack the house, clean, hang art up on the walls, and gets you one step closer to being able to relax in your new home!

Hosting a party in your new home allows you to discover the advantages and flaws of your new space. Need more patio chairs or to move some furniture around to create a better flowing layout? How many people can comfortably fit in at the dining room table?

House-warming parties are not the same as they used to be (or at least how they’ve always been portrayed in movies and on T.V.) and Starr Real Estate is here to give you honest advice on how to throw an affordable and enjoyable house warming party!