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Spring Cleaning ✔ List

It's that time of year again, when we start opening windows and welcome the warmer spring breeze into our home. Let the new season be a fresh start for you and your home with this Ultimate Spring Home #checklist.


  • Clean and dust everything!

    • Ceiling fan blades, tops of cabinets, window casings, blinds, trim/molding, chair rails

  • Replace smoke detector batteries

  • Test smoke detectors & replace if older than 10 years

  • Wash Comforters & Pillows

  • Freshen up mattresses with baking soda & vacuum

  • Steam clean carpet & rugs

  • Deep clean kitchen appliances

    • Stovetop, oven, microwave, dishwasher

  • Clean underneath major appliances

  • Change furnace air filters

  • Test sump pump & set up battery backup

  • Clean inside of windows (pro tip: mix white vinegar & distilled water)

  • Check basement for damp areas after rain


  • Clean leaves and other debris from gutters

  • Inspect home's exterior (roof, brickwork, siding)

  • Touch up exterior paint

  • Service AC Unit

  • Prune trees and bushes to promote healthy growth

  • Remove any plants that didn't survive the winter

  • Caulk around doors and windows

  • Power wash brick, concrete, walkways and deck to remove residue

  • Inspect yard for wet spots (install drainage if needed)

  • Clean outside of windows (same pro tip)

  • Inspect screens for holes, replace if needed

  • Test gas & battery powered law care equipment

  • Inspect deck, porch and/or patio for loose or warped boards


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