Seamless Living, Modern Merging of Outdoor/Indoor Living Spaces

It's Sunny and nearly 60 Degrees here in Muncie, IN., and Starr Real Estate wants to celebrate Spring even more with some inspirational outdoor ideas for our homeowners!

Last week we discussed trending 2021 home decor and renovations for Indoors and having to create new functional spaces inside the home that may not have seemed necessary before Covid. With more ages in the home more frequently, the desire for more space (or redesigning existing space) became a necessity.

Today we want to show our readers the significance and value of prioritizing the idea of a seamless indoor to outdoor transition, as well as provide architectural design elements that can transform our mundane backyards into a comfortable, effective, and aesthetically more pleasant view!

Since increasing the number of windows inside the home is an up and coming trend for contemporarily modern homes, creating a nice view to look at outside is going to be the next project for most homeowners. Homeowners seeking to maximize their indoor-outdoor living design opportunities will want to minimize solid exterior walls that face their backyard or whichever outdoor space they want to incorporate with their indoor space. This requires features like glass walls or large windows, sliding glass doors, bi-fold and stacking doors, or French doors with large glass panes.