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Real Estate Market Changes After Labor Day

Ahhh, Labor Day. The day that marks the transition between summer & fall and while there's no substitute for spending time in natural green spaces, if you're in the market for a house, fall weather presents an idea backdrop for strolling through potential neighborhoods and checking out real estate for sale.

While some homeseekers might throw in the towel after Labor Day and wait until spring to being a new search, others will find some great advantages to starting their home search in September.

Here are 4 ways the real estate market changes after Labor Day:

1. Fall real estate can be more of a buyer's market

A buyer’s market means you, as a buyer, are in the driver’s seat. That’s good news if you’re home-hunting in the fall: There are typically fewer buyers after Labor Day because families generally like to be settled into a home by the start of the school year.

But if you don’t have school-age kids, the school year doesn’t matter and you can take advantage of this. You might find that competition is down for homes after Labor Day, and this is significant. Realtors® are able to negotiate better prices for buyers because their is less competition and the market is slower.

2. Vacation-home sellers see action

Summertime is prime vacation season. Even Congress breaks for the entire month of August. After you’ve had a particularly lovely time at your summer getaway spot, you might consider buying a place in the area and going back every year. “If you start looking for a vacation home in the fall, you can have it purchased and furnished by spring,” says Tammy Barry, director of sales and marketing for Heritage Harbor Ottawa resort in Illinois. By purchasing in the fall, you can see what the area has to offer in the off-season.

Winter is also a popular vacation time, particularly for skiers and people who love ice-skating and snow tubing. If you buy at a ski resort in the fall, you can enjoy the resort yourself or earn some serious dollars renting the place to winter-wonderland enthusiasts.

3. Home prices, like leaves, fall

Many people list their home for sale during what they think will be the best time to sell: summer. And it often is. Summer is peak selling season, but not everyone is successful. When a property hasn't sold by Labor Day, sellers often will reevaluate their listing price, creating greater room for negotiation!

4. There's no deadline for most fall home buyers

When you’ve picked a certain neighborhood because of the school district for your kids, it’s imperative that you are actually in your home before school begins. But if the first day of school is not your concern, you don’t really have a deadline. You might want to be in a home before the holidays, but the stakes aren’t as high if you aren’t. This gives you plenty of time to shop around and potentially get a better deal.


When you're ready to begin the Fall Home Search, give our office a call & we'll be happy to assist you!


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