Real Estate Inspection Fail? How to Get Through Escrow

When Jennifer Billock was buying her first house, everything seemed too good to be true- at least in the beginning of the process. Found a home within a couple of weeks, priced fabulously low, was in a great community with a style she loved, and the funding came through quickly and easily. First-time home buyer's bonus for tax time and not much of a down payment required. SCORE!

But, it turned too good to be true when that smooth path to homeownership suddenly became rocky when the inspection report came back with a big fat F(ailure) on it. PANIC TIME! What did it mean? Could she still be able to buy the house? Was the whole deal off?

A few calls with her therapist, aka Real Estate Agent, she learned that a bad inspection isn't that rare. And the new home wasn't in as bad of shape as initially feared. The agent was able to negotiate some repairs and, after a second inspection, the house was appraised and that listing turned to #SOLD!

During the process, a lot was learned.