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East Central Indiana is a region in Indiana in the Midwest that encompasses the area east of Indianapolis all the way to the Ohio border. The Indiana Gas Boom in the 1890s allowed this area to grow from small agricultural communities to larger cities centered around factories and manufacturing.

Companies such as the Ball Corporation and Overhead Door once had their headquarters in the region. Glass manufacturing was the first industry to be widespread in the area, because of the natural gas. As the glass industry faded, many of the skilled workers became employed at auto parts factories in cities such as Muncie and Anderson. When the American Automobile Industry began to decline, East Central Indiana became apart of the Rust Belt, and most of the communities in this region have been forced to reinvent themselves with a focus on services or a return to agriculture.

Starr Real Estate handles properties in ten different counties throughout East Central Indiana. These counties include; Wells, Adams, Grant, Blackford, Jay, Madison, Delaware, Randolph, Henry, and Wayne counties. Throughout these counties runs plenty of trails such as Cardinal Greenway, The Chocolate Trail, The Wine Trail, and several other trails with activities and attractions to do this spring that will get you out of the house and save you from spending tons of unnecessary money for you and your family.

Whether you choose to visit a few of our numerous quaint coffee shops, go tubing or kayaking down the White River, find yourself checking out a handful of antique car shows and festivals, or you're just checking out a few of our state parks filled with rich history and culture; Indiana won't take long to feel like home.

Our very own Muncie, IN in Delaware Co., is home to the Bob Ross studio at Minnestrista, as well as Ball State University which is funded by the Ball Brothers, whose Glass Manufacturing Company built a new glass-making foundry firm in Muncie, later relocating its metal manufacturing operations to Muncie, so that they could be closer to the natural gas here. As a BSU alumni and someone who has lived here her entire life, I can say with certainty that Spring is the best time to visit Muncie, Indiana.

The atmosphere is the spring makes the entire city feel ALIVE! We all verbally and physically say #hellospring by taking long walks through campus hearing the laughter of college students, or on downtown Walnut street, past small businesses such as Olive & Slate, towards The Caffeinery; the sun beating down on my face and the sound of cars swooshing past, a light breeze, and the smell of coffee fills the air.

Springtime is the perfect time to visit not only Muncie, but East Central Indiana in general, for more reasons than just the sources of entertainment that we have to offer, which can be easily overlooked, even by the people who have lived here their entire lives.

In honor of the first day of Spring on March 20th, and World Poetry Day on March 21st, today on March 26th, 2021 we welcome Spring with an original poem written by our Admin Cailyn Vernetti celebrating the overlooked beauty of what spring can really bring.


An Indiana Spring

When e.e. cummins said the world is “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful”

I pictured my own backyard. I pictured my Indiana.

The prairie out past

the wavy acreage of corn

resting before the open shallow woods

unveils the fresh face

of Indiana’s Spring.

Miry mornings against soggy clay soil

of empty bean and tomato fields

that sit quiet and dark

(not ruinous, but rather prepared)

shadowed in contrast

to the louding sunrise

that people move here to wake up to.

With cream-colored goats beard

and purple cornflowers combing her hair

and tucking it behind her ear一

with tempered rainfall

freckling the her cheeks—

Spring in Indiana is a breath of fresh air.

Emerald greenery

trickles into lime,

and the ribbed foliage of the Hosta

shade her land from the fiery eyes

of a bashful

East Central Sun.

Our crimson cardinals sing to us

their lulled whistling

songs that call

all native Hoosier’s home.

They say that when one visits you,

it’s a loved one from your past

who wants to say hello.

When I’m driving down SR 28

I see wispy beige


a plethora of tan

and barren

and sandy blonde corn rows.

You see, Indiana is

a Rust Belt baby,

born in ashes

built on relentless hard work, and we rise.

Happy Spring from all of us here at Starr Real Estate!


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