Habits of Successful Homebuyers

Buying a home is as much about your state of mind as the state of your bank account—but both need to be in great condition. Here are a few habits to adopt to get yourself ready to become a successful homebuyer.

The first habit is to know your credit score. Before you apply for a home loan you should have at least a credit score of 600+ (700+ is even better). The easiest way to work on your credit score is to pay your bills on time, every time. Payment history makes up about 35% of your credit rating. A single late payment can have a drastic effect on your score. Additionally, you should keep your credit card balances low and if you have any collection accounts on your report, you may try calling the collection agency and negotiate a "pay for delete". This is where you agree to pay the balance on the account and the agency agrees to remove the account from your credit report. Every step you take to eliminate your debt will help you in the long run!