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Fall Checklist

Clean Out Gutters

Check out your gutters for any leaks and remove debris. When around the area make sure you check out your roof and siding condition also!

Check for any Drafts

Go around and close all the crawl space vents and make sure all windows are free of debris. Check inside for any leaks and address for lower heating expenses!

Winterize Outside Faucets

Be sure to disconnect water hoses and sprinkler systems. Doing so will save money rebuying hoses or digging up to replace parts!

Cover Up Outdoor Furniture

Bring in or cover up any outdoor furniture. Doing so will keep your beautiful patio furniture and lawn ornaments is pristine condition and prolonging their life!

Change Your HVAC Filters

Change those filters during seasonal changes to cut dust and debris from inside your home! Doing so is also easier on your HVAC unit!

Change Batteries in Detectors

Now is the time while doing all this other maintenance to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! Doing so can prevent future problems and detect and problems that my be wrong with your heating equipment.


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