Buying Your First Rental Property

You’ve heard about real estate investing, but what is it? 

Rental investing has always been an amazing option for passive income, but only has recently become popular among younger adults. How can you buy your first rental property?

Historically, rental property investing has been a smart way that the rich maintain and growth their wealth.

Yet it is becoming far more simple and affordable to get into this unique market and make passive income gains!

Now, before we begin, do understand that everyone has different experiences with any and every type of investing. There is always risk.

Rental investing can be very successful, helping people to quit their 8-5 jobs and live a financially free life. Like any investment, it isn’t guaranteed.

What’s exciting is that getting prepped for purchasing your first property, to start earning passive income, isn’t as hard as you’d think!

We compiled the top tips about how to prepare and save up for your first rental investment!


Rental investing does take a bit of capital ahead of time. The first place to start, if you plan to one day purchase your first property, is to manage your money!

Sounds simple enough, but it’s a serious concept.

Too many of us are spontaneous spenders. Many like to live up to the Joneses down the block. You may not have enough money to buy a property and afford a nice home for yourself.

But, there are good chances you can afford to purchase a small rental property and live in a smaller home. As in, by accepting and fully embodying a minimalist or frugal lifestyle, affording your first few rental properties will be extremely easier!