5 Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

DIY for Dummies: 5 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Beginners

It starts like this: You’re listening to a co-worker describe tiling their own kitchen backsplash last weekend. “That doesn’t sound so hard,” you think to yourself. “I could do that!”

And sure, you could—but should you?

Some projects, like renovating your entire kitchen or turning a closet into a full bathroom, are too ambitious for most beginners. But even if you’re a DIY newbie, there are plenty of projects you can tackle without specialized expertise or experience. Plus, becoming more handy around the house is empowering.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get going? Start with one of the projects below for an easy entry into the wonderful (and sometimes stressful) world of DIY home renovation.

1. Paint a room or a piece of furniture

You don’t need to be an art school grad to paint a room. Beginners will love the fact that painting is an inexpensive, low-risk job that offers instant gratification.

“Just by painting your walls, you’ll uplift the look of your home in an instant,” says Michelle Swier, owner and partner of MKE Design Build in Milwaukee.

“Painting a room is a great way to get practice and learn how paint flows, dries, and hides,” Finley adds.

If you’re unsure about colors, Swier suggests a using a fresh coat of white paint on trim and a bright white on ceilings. For walls, choose any shade that suits your style.