2021 Exterior and Interior Home Trends

Reinvent and Refresh your space! 2020 is over and it's time for a change.

Any house can look like a home, but the personalized style and the love that grows inside is what makes the house a true home.


Some home design elements seem so brilliant that we hope they last forever. Some people can say this about minimalist living rooms, all white kitchens, farmhouse decor, whitewash, or maybe even wallpaper; and they would be wrong! 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty due to the shutdowns and restrictions happening all over the world, and this means that every person was being required to spend a majority of their year indoors. We all had to adapt and overcome the obstacles that followed, which included recreating our indoor spaces to fit our immediate needs, but potentially for an extended period of time. A significant portion of all of our daily activities was forced to retreat to our homes, meaning that accommodations for home office space for work as well as a homeschooling space for children. Some families chose to make a gym at home to keep up their health and fitness regimes, and even added personalized nooks and spaces they can escape to just to 'get away'. Research and experts have collaborated to provide insight on outdated interior and exterior design trends and help families organize and edit their home styles to fit a post-pandemic lifestyle.



In home designing, colors are everything. In 2020, the color of the year was a Classic Blue and dark neutrals set the tone for an appropriately fitting time. This year, yellows and greys are dominating the market.