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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell


Are you prepping your home to go on the market? It can be a stressful task for any—after all, homes tend to sell much better when they’restaged and maintained well. There are investments both big and small that can make a huge difference in how well your home will sell. If you’re curious about what small steps you can take to improve the likelihood of selling your home quickly, check out the following tips!

Prospective buyers tend to make a decision on whether they like your house or not in under a minute, so it’s important to make sure that your house is pleasing to the eye. Ask for advice from a friend, family member, or even better, your real estate agent. He or she will be able to tell you what about your house attracts them, as well as what they dislike. Remember that houses that need a lot of fixing up tend to only attract a certain section of possible buyers. Most people are searching for a home that they can move into within a small turnaround.

Pay Attention to the Small Things

Do you have a towel hanger? Working doorknobs? Is your molding fixed up and matching? All of these things seem really small, but a potential buyer doesn’t want to spend money on these small things generally. If you aren’t marketing toward buyers looking for a fixer-upper, don’t give them something that needs a lot of work. Adding small updates to your home will make it easier for buyers to see themselves in your home.

Remove Your Wallpaper

Although tedious and annoying, removing wallpaper before showing your home can alleviate a lot of stress for potential buyers. Wallpaper, like very vibrant and bright wall colors, makes some people feel alienated. Take off the wallpaper and try to create a neutral and basic slate so those coming into your home can imagine their things and furniture in your home. In the same vein, if your carpet is in bad shape or any color other than beige or white, you should highly consider replacing or removing it.

Depersonalize Your Home

This can be a sad process but will ultimately help the selling process, as well as make moving out of your home easier. Take family pictures off the walls, mantel, and more. Personal decorations can be off-putting for people coming into your home, so try to remove as many of them as possible.

Clean It Up

A home that’s clean and smells good will attract more offers than one that looks neglected and smells bad. Keep this in mind when working to prepare your home. Make sure to clean windows and rooms to get anything that might hold a bad odor out before people look at your home.

These are just a few starting tips to keep in mind when getting your home ready to sell. Remember: spending some extra money right now on updates will save you a lot of hassle when your house goes on the market!

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