11 (brutally honest) Reasons Your Home Hasn't Sold

Your house is on the market. And it has been... for what seems like forever. Other homes are selling. In fact, you've seen many of them sell quickly. You've heard of bidding wars, multiple offers, and even cash offers in your area. But, not your house. There it sits, week after week. Month after Month. Are you wondering, "Why?"

Are you actually ready to hear the answer? Really think about that for a minute. If you do want the answer, it's here for you. But it might sting a bit. Maybe even a lot. So decision time. Would you rather:

  1. Preserve your price and NOT sell your house, or

  2. Prepare yourself to hear something or a few somethings, you don't want to hear but get your house sold ASAP?

Retrieved from an article written for Heathered Nest, a home decor and DIY website, here are 11 brutally honest reasons why your home is not selling.

Buyers aren't clairvoyant (well, most anyway). They can't see through all your things in order to realize the awesome potential that's hidden by your "stuff".

A clutter-free home looks cleaner, bigger & brighter. And it also looks more "move-in ready" in the buyers' eyes. I know decluttering can be a pain in the bum, but when you're able to get your home quickly under contract after some decluttering efforts, you'll believe in the process.

A home being outdated, on its own, is not usually cause for it not to sell. Homes, regardless of having had recent updates WILL sell. But the combo of a home priced TOO high when at the same time updates have not been made is not a recipe for a successful sale. If you want to sell your home for TOP DOLLAR, then you need to put in some upfront work and investment in order to update the things in your home that really need it.

If you'd rather not mess with a bunch of work, or worry about putting money in that you won't recoup, there's a solution for that as well, but it's one you may not love hearing. Let's go through both options:

Option a.) Consider making some improvements. Some of the best improvements you can make don't necessarily cost a fortune, like a fresh coat of interior paint, a good power washing and mulching your front walkway/planting beds.

Option b.) Consider lowering your sales price. Ouch. I know nobody wants to hear that as a potential option. But if you don't want to make any improvements, and your home has just been sitting on the market attracting nothing but dust bunnies, a lower price on an outdated home will always attract buyers.

Nose Blindness is a real thing. And that can be a blessing if you're a homeowner who loves all 13 of your cats. Or one who cooks fish morning, noon and night. We all develop immunity to smells generated in our homes. However, a stranger who walks through your front door for the first time is NOT noseblind to your fishy area. A buyer considering potentially the largest investment of their lives does NOT want their first impression to include your tunafish sandwich obsession, smoking habit, or the Eau Du Litterbox scent.

You love your pets. We get it. And I'm sure when you say that your cat is literally the best cat in the universe and your dog is an absolute angel, you are speaking the truth. But, brace yourself, I know it's hard to believe, but there ARE people out there who loathe cats and people who are scared out of their minds when they see a dog. Jerks, right? If there is ANY humanly way possible to get the pets OUT of the house, at least for showings, do yourself (and your pets) a favor and do just that.

I know the pet talk was a bit hard but prepare yourself because it's about to get even worse. Another big reason your home may be lingering on the market? YOU! I know you're saying "what the heck does that mean?" Have you ever had a walkthrough a model home? If you have, then you know how enticing it can be. (See Graphic Below). You know what they DON'T have in model homes? Gallery walls of family photos, magnetized pictures and artwork on the fridge, or a home office full of diplomas.

In short, model homes are completely DEPERSONALIZED. And there’s a really important reason for that. When our home is personalized with all of our things, it makes it very challenging for a potential buyer to walk through your home and picture themselves, and their families living there.

I, personally, LOVE color. The more the better. I love seeing people take risks by not being afraid of color within their homes. However, as lovely as they may be, all those colors will NOT help you sell your home. I know white and gray can sound exceedingly boring to someone like you & me. It probably pains you to think of covering up those fun, bright & happy colors with a "blah" white. But if you want your home to sell fast, and for as much money as possible, then you need to tone down the color. Light & bright whites & grays sell houses.