11 (brutally honest) Reasons Your Home Hasn't Sold

Your house is on the market. And it has been... for what seems like forever. Other homes are selling. In fact, you've seen many of them sell quickly. You've heard of bidding wars, multiple offers, and even cash offers in your area. But, not your house. There it sits, week after week. Month after Month. Are you wondering, "Why?"

Are you actually ready to hear the answer? Really think about that for a minute. If you do want the answer, it's here for you. But it might sting a bit. Maybe even a lot. So decision time. Would you rather:

  1. Preserve your price and NOT sell your house, or

  2. Prepare yourself to hear something or a few somethings, you don't want to hear but get your house sold ASAP?

Retrieved from an article written for Heathered Nest, a home decor and DIY website, here are 11 brutally honest reasons why your home is not selling.

Buyers aren't clairvoyant (well, most anyway). They can't see through all your things in order to realize the awesome potential that's hidden by your "stuff".

A clutter-free home looks cleaner, bigger & brighter. And it also looks more "move-in ready" in the buyers' eyes. I know decluttering can be a pain in the bum, but when you're able to get your home quickly under contract after some decluttering efforts, you'll believe in the process.